Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rum and Coke Moma

Every Thursday night there is a bar in my town that has a free drawing for a pot of money that starts out at $100 and grows $25 dollars each Thursday if the person whose number is called is not there. This past week I brought an old friend with so he could see what all the hal-a-ba-loo was about and it really isn't exciting but why not go have a drink and just see if you win, eh?

Well of course none of us win so we head over to his favorite bar and my mother and mary number five (she has five mary's and six karen's) are going to meet us over there when their friends have all gone home. Well time rolls by and I am wondering what has happened to them, but they slowly saunter in pretty drunk and mary number five drove herself down town so we are a little concerned. So we come up with a plan that mom is going to drive mary back to her house and we will follow. And then mom orders a rum and coke and runs to the bathroom. My friend says "hey, isn't she going to drive?" so he asks the bartender to make a regular coke so we can trick her. The bartender even puts a little rum on the straw so it seems legit. My friend and I cannot stop laughing while she sucks down what she thinks is a rum and coke.

Sometimes mother does NOT know best, and other times she does


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