Sunday, April 17, 2011


Boys are such a plethora of information sometimes. Columbia's fashion design program was made up of 95 percent women, 5 percent gay men so I wasn't around a lot of testosterone for the last couple of years. So I was hanging with a few fellas yesterday and I learned something brand new! They were saying that their friend was lame and wanted to stay home and rest and then they spoke in some strange lingo "he is probably saying hey to jill." My first thought was maybe this is the girl of his dreams and he is too chicken to say hello, hahaha. But boy oh boy was I wrong. When you hold out your right hand it spells Jill with your thumb being the J and so forth. Jill is slang for jerkin' off, hahahahaha. I had never heard that one before. I also learned 'beef stroken' off' the other day too, fucking clever. I do have a brother but we've never discussed things like this before.

Also I have always wondered what men talk about at the barber shop. Every time I took the train from my last apartment I passed one and I really just wanted to stop in and observe but I figured they would hold back because I am a lady.


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