Thursday, April 21, 2011


My sister just got home for Easter and she climbed into my bed and we've been chatting away the evening. We were talking about her 1920's themed party and trying to look up what to listen to during the extravaganza. Then our conversation veered toward our grandpa who was born in 1919 and how his mother, whom we never got to meet must have been a sass-a-frass-and-a-half and incredibly amazing. When my dad was little she gave him a doll just to piss off her daughter in law, his mother. My father was the youngest at the time (then came in the oops baby) with two older sisters and an older brother who was 12 years his senior. So when it came time to find some new clothes for his doll my father found his brothers dress shirt, and it was probably his only dress shirt. And he cut the arms off and said "and I didn't even have to sew anything" HAHAHA. I can just imagine my dad going into his room (shared with his big brother) and fucking looking wide eyed around for something to use. Classic papa bear, CLASSIC. I am starting to write everything down because it is too good to forget and I suggest you do the same.


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