Tuesday, April 5, 2011


(that's me in the corner with the sunglasses bahahaha)
My friend Chuck was in town this weekend so I decided that I needed to take him dancing.  I've always wanted to go to this dance party that happens every monday night called REHAB.  The theme was Luau and the maker of my favorite beer (312) was the sponsor so we got 3 free beers.  I really do not drink that often so after 3 beers and a tequila shot I was dominating the dance floor like I invented it.  The dj's were amazing so I got into that mode of paying attention to absolutely nothing around me but "The Beat" I honestly could not tell you what was going on at this party because I was in a dance trance.  Dancing will always be my way of letting go of stress, working out, and even bonding with friends.  I don't care how I look on the dance floor because I always feel so comfortable, it's my home.

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