Thursday, March 31, 2011


preface: I think I have two very different personalities inside this body

I am currently watching "Conversations with other women" and this movie is appealing to me because I've always been a fan of the "secret love affair"  I love that two people can share something so intimate even though they both know it's only for a little while.  It's exciting and fun and rebellious, almost like you're in another universe.  This secret love affair can also ruin lives, it can consume all of your thoughts and it could leave behind something that never goes away(like a child or infection of some sort).  Logically not the best idea but when you're in the moment you really don't care...

The other side enjoys the thought of monogamy.  One person. Forever.  I believe that you can stay true to the same person forever but finding that person is the trouble.  I believe in fairytale romance, I believe that you can be swept off your feet and stay smitten.  I just figure if I believe this stuff there must be a few other people that do too, even men.

Magazine Firsts

Do you know who was on the first cover of Vogue? Or Time? Or Rolling Stone? Well you will now!!!

Vogue: An illustration of a Debutante (1892)
Rolling Stone: John Lennon (1967)
Time: Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Joseph Gurney Cannon (1923)
Playboy: Marilyn Monroe (1953)
Baazar: An illustration of trendy hair styles (1868)
Teen Vogue: Gwen Stefani (2003)
People: Mia Farrow (1974)
Men's Vogue: George Clooney (2005)
InStyle: Barbra Steisand (1994)



I don't know if this happens in other places but in my town there is this wave when a car is given the right of way when they are either not supposed to or they are stuck and will sit there forever until someone lets them go. This happens most often when it is "rush hour". Yes. we do have a rush hour in this little place of mine. But I love this little wave when it is directly towards me because I know I have helped someone out and it matters to them. And I love this little wave when I get to use it because I know it is a "I'm sorry and thank you!" wave. So next time wave, it makes people feel good.


For Medusa

Not a turban, but your idea in full swing. I made this scarf in textiles as a sophomore


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was a junior in high school when I decided to try the side swept bang.  I have had some form of bang since then (mostly because I am an impatient person and cannot wait for them to grow out).  I have finally decided to grow them out and I am almost positive, as a woman, growing out your bangs is more painful than childbirth.  I usually just grab a pair of scissors and snip away when they start getting too long but i've discovered that a simple ballerina bun atop my head keeps hair outta the way.  I'm also in the process of growing the rest of my hair to the middle of my back because I've always wanted long, long hair. 



A lovely song to end my day with a lovely lady


My dad has a a few different colognes that he wears and one is saved for Sunday church. And I love smelling in on other men because it is overwhelming and it will always remind me of him.


Monday, March 28, 2011


I am on vacation back in the city that I lived in for a little over four years and it feels like I haven't even left. I stare out Medusa's living room windows onto large buildings that glare back at me. I love being here, I love the smell, the cement, the shitty people. But it is so much more complicated here and you must plan, and boy oh boy do I like planning. I like control and I like when the train comes on time and when things just work out. In a small town things are simple, they are slower, time is so different with a smaller population. I am in the slow moving time frame and this fast pace is giving me a slight head ache. It is so overwhelming, but I will greet the sunny cold day with a smile and when I head back to my little rink-a-dink town I will not complain and I will absorb like I did when I lived in this magnificent city.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two Types of People

We think that there are two types of people in any given scenarios.

Morning people/ night people
Cat people/ dog people
People who have children/ people who don't
People who hire movers/ people who use friends and family
Beer drinkers/ none beer drinkers
People who wear jeans/ people who wear slacks
People who fly first class/ people who fly economy
People who by nose bleed seats/ people who buy courtside
People who read soft covers/ people who read hard covers
People who use pencils/ people who use pens
People who take baths/ people who take showers
People who use dishwashers/ people who hand wash
Messy people/ clean people
People who gamble/ people who don't
Pop drinkers/ water drinkers
People who like socks/ people who don't
Sandal wearers/ shoe wearers
People who were shorts in the summer/ people who wear pants in the summer
People who were belts/ people who don't
People who went to public school/ people who went to private school
Outdoor people/ indoor people
People who like board games/ people who don't
People who order appetizers/ people who don't
People who eat bread with butter/ people who don't
People who order desserts/ people who don't
People that leave their hair natural/ people who dye it
Travelers/ Townies
People who have apartments/ people who have condos
People who live in the country/ people who live in the city
Sport watchers/ none sport watchers
Coke drinkers/ Diet Coke drinkers

Obviously some people are both of the choices because I know I am but we think the majority of people can say they are one or the other.

Medusa and Merriweather

Friday, March 25, 2011

Book Titles

When I write my book it will be titled "Never A Dull Moment"


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Halves

Tonight I was watching 'Modern Family' and seriously laughed my ass off. The son and his husband were at a bar with their friends and they were talking about their first gay crushes. I knew who all of the mentioned men were except Montgomery Clift who I had only heard of and didn't know anything about. So of course I checked him out on my favorite website imdb. There I found this lovely quote that Montgomery Clift said about  Elizabeth Taylor

"Liz is the only woman I have ever met who turns me on. She feels like the other half of me."

How great is that? Pretty damn great.


In Memory

The lovely Elizabeth Taylor died today. She was truly a lovely actress. Cleopatra. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Giant.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lights OUT

While I sit in the dim light of a tropical candle I try to come up with things to do for the rest of the night if the lights do not come back on before my body tells me it is time for sleep. With my lap top draining and my phone about to do the same I am left with reading, which I dearly love. But my father always told me to read with a good light because he never did and he has terrible eyesight. But since I have had terrible eyes since the second grade I don't think this is a huge problem. Reading by candle light is dreaming and cozy and right up my alley on this gray rainy day.

Take a moment to think about what you would do if your electricity went out....

Remember there is no....
Cooking or baking
TV, movies
Digital clocks, alarm clocks
Sewing machines
Washer or dryer
Garage door opener

And there sure as shit isn't a blender to make mar-ga-hoo-has (a term coined by a dear friend meaning margaritas) 


Monday, March 21, 2011


I got this book from the library today in the "self help" section titled "Life's Little Instruction Book".  These are the things that I agree with wholeheartedly:

Learn to tie a tie
Learn to change a flat tire
Don't believe people when they say they want you to be honest
Lie on your back and look at the stars
Watch the sun rise at least once a year
Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry
Drink eight glasses of water a day
Learn CPR
Buy vegetables from truck farmers who advertise with hand-lettered signs


Saturday, March 19, 2011

These Are a Few of My Un-Favorite Things

I am not a gum chewer
I do not like honey
I do not like chocolate flavored things
I do not like cheesey chips

I have just recently had asparagus, and its great!


Friday, March 18, 2011


Some things from my childhood I can play back in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I can remember trying to fall asleep in my day bed on the opposite side of the room from my sister while the back hallway light beamed in on me when I was little. My mother and aunt Suzie whispered over my sickness and the fact that I hadn't brushed my teeth. I could hear everything they were saying because I kept really still and pretended I actually was sleeping. My aunt being a nurse, told my mother that there was no need to brush my teeth because I was sick. My aunt died in a car accident not long after and I have taken this bit of cherished memory to heart. Meaning that while I am sick at home I do not brush my teeth because I was told I didn't have to. If I do need to leave I cave in and brush them, but not without a little fight with my conscious.



I live in a 3 flat in downtown Chicago, so I have to go down my fire escape to get to my laundry room.  I have lived in my apartment for almost a year now and I've done laundry about 5 times, in bulk.  I have a ton of clothes so I could probably go 6 months without washing any of them.  I would have done laundry more if I had discovered this GIANT Ikea bag sooner.  I stole this one from work but you can get them for $2 at Ikea.  It's the best thing in the world.  Schlepping was 50% of the battle, the other 50% was the cold, icy weather that is Chicago 6 months out of the year and there is nothing I could do about that.  I'm doing a load now and I'll probably have some to do when I get back from spring break but at least it will be warmer out.  


Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have said it before and I am saying it again; my mother is not your average mother. On this holiday I and my siblings stopped to have a drink downtown and thought "we should see if our mother is drunk off her ass and needs a ride home from the bar" and sure enough we were right.

When we surprise our mother she calls us "good little chickens" and tonight we were the best.


St. Patrick

Where I come from being Irish is all about family, food, and faith.  Even though the faith part is a distant thing in my life i still include it (similar to me believing in magic and gnomes and fairies).  EVERY single memory i have of St. Patrick's day is lovely.  I have never celebrated it in Chicago like everyone else does, mostly because I'm so busy and I've never had "Irish" friends.  When I was a kiddo my mom and dad would take my brother and I to the St. Louis parade and It is to this day the most elaborate parade I've ever attended, EVERY YEAR!!! My dad is a police officer and some years he would walk in the parade and stop to give us green carnations.  After the parade we would head over to my grandma and grandpa's house for some corned beef and cabbage and I would play with my cousins.  I'm already pretty homesick but this holiday makes it really hard for me to be away from family.  My cousin Emily and I are planning to visit our relatives over in Ireland this summer to get the scoop on our heritage.  My great uncle was an irish mobster and my other great uncle owned a pub that is still open for business.  I'm glad I have such a rich Irish/Italian heritage and an amazing, close family to share it with.

The Luck of the Irish

Today, if you were unaware is Saint Patrick's Day. This holiday is the most celebrated in my house hold. My brother has returned from college and is missing three days of class and my sister just happens to have these next two days off of teaching. The night before and the morning of is somewhat similar to when the McCallister family in Home Alone is trying to get to the airport. There are some many of them and they are running around trying to find everything and anything they would ever need. But we never leave anyone behind.

On this day we eat green doughnuts, stop by my father's office to show off that we are head to toe green and that we don't have to be inside doing crappy work. Then we park under this bridge in Saint Paul that is really not a parking place but it would be cheaper to get a $15 dollar ticket than to park for half of the day. Then we head into the same hotel we have gone to since before I was born and we meet with our family friends that we walk with in the parade. We eat corned beef and cabbage and drink drinks dyed green. It is very Irish and it is very silly and lovely.

One year we brought my best friend with and I apparently forget to tell her that we weren't just going to watch the parade, we were going to BE in the parade. So she gets to our house with jeans and a green sweatshirt and my father tells her that it is not sufficient. And she still doesn't know the plan until we are half way up to Saint Paul and she sort of flips out in the car. Hahaha Needless to say she knew for the next year and dressed appropriately.

I am off to be green!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today, I sewed a french seam on silk chiffon aaaaaaand cut 5 yards of silk charmeuse bias tape to case the seams of my thesis.

I have been completely relaxed until now.  I'm stressin' even though I know I'll get everything done.  I have never needed a spring break more in my life...

I keep going back and forth about what I want to do after college and where I want to do it.  I am still wanting to move to LA but the thought of moving home for the summer sounds nice too.  I really miss my family but I  really love fashion and St. Louis just isn't a good city for that.  I haven't completely ruled out New York because I'd move there if i was offered a job.  I'm thinking of staying in Chicago over the summer only because a)it's going to be really hard to leave.  b) I have a really good freelance thing going with Collaboraction and hopefully Redmoon at some point. c) I'd really like a millinery internship.
I can't wait to see what happens.  I'm going to start applying for jobs next month when I have all of my shit together.

: )

The Dangers of Being a Fashion Designer

We really do beat ourselves up in this profession needless to say in the "real" world (whenever that is and happens) you would not do everything yourself. You would hire stitch bitches to do a lot of the work.

List A: Sharp Objects
Rotary Cutters
Seam Rippers
Pattern Tracer (a sharp spiked wheel with a handle)
Awl and Hammer

List B: Heated Objects
Irons, the obvious one
Steamers (steam burns at a higher degree than metal)
Lighters (burning fabric, melting nylon thread)
Stove (dyeing fabric)

List C: Machines
Industrial Straight Stitch (very fast, you can sew through your finger)
Industrial Overlock (very fast, exposed blade)
Home Machines (side cutter, extremely hot light)
Home Overlock (exposed blade)

Things you probably should not do:
Sew over pins
Cut towards you
Iron clothing on a dress form
Loop a measuring tape around your neck multiple times
Keep pins in your pocket
Put pins in your mouth


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Who ever came up with "Beggars can't be choosers"  was clearly not a beggar.


Monday, March 14, 2011


People are so interesting sometimes, but older people are just down right fascinating. They have lived and done so much and I love love LOVE hearing stories. Once a week I go and hang out with my grandparents, lately I have been organizing their large movie collection. Today I learned several cool things, my favorite is the history of the 2x4. As some of you may know a 2x4 is not actually two inches by four inches which I have always thought was somewhat silly and very illogical. This cut of wood was once actually the ratio it disguises itself as, but they were rough pieces of wood that were not finished off. My grandpa told me that he went back when one of his childhood homes was being ripped down and saw that it was in fact made of these original 2x4s; the house was built in 1907. Once they started to finish off the edges of the boards they would loose an 1/8 of an inch on each side making it a 1 3/4 x 3 3/4 board. Then the wood manufacturers thought they could save a little money and cut the boards at 1 3/4 x 3 3/4 and THEN they would finish off the edges to the now 2x4 board that is technically 1 1/2 x 3 1/2. So when you are using a stud finder to hang a picture, shelves or a heavy piece of well anything on the wall you must go in 3/4 from the where the stud finder appears (because that is the edge) so that it will be in the middle of the stud which is an inch and a half.


Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was an avid Mad Men watcher when the show first came out but I have lost track mainly because that was the only time I had cable. But this show is lovely and delicious and pretty well written. Let's not forget about the awesome intro of credits that makes me a little jittery each and every time.

Our leading man the ever charming and handsome Advertising Genius Mr. Don Draper brights up the screen with his performance. Think crisp white shirts, stiff ties, silk pocket squares and a suit that is cut to a T. He is serious, slick and a man who knows what he wants and by golly he gets it every damn time. John Hamm plays this saucy man and it seems like it is a breeze through the park for him. I would not mind a stroll with this man. The thing that I find strange is that I am only attracted to John Hamm as Don Draper. I have seen him bearded and some-what funny but the attraction is just not there.

I think one of the reasons that I love movies and dramatic television series so much is because I am watching someone else live out their life. I am an observer; I love watching people and learning more. And I love things that are not relevant to me. Mad Men is set in the early sixties. Everyone has their place in the world; the women at home or as a typist and the men behind doors with intercoms and shelves of scotch to drink several times during the day for no apparent reason other than a co-worker popping in which seems to happen quite often, But not after a call from their secretary to tell them "Mr. Sterling is here" that is usually followed by "Send him in." I eat this shit up.This does not happen anymore. Everybody does not have a secretary that takes their hat and coat when they get into the office. Hell, nobody wears hats anymore other than the soul purpose of keeping their head warm. Speaking of lovely accessories, lets talk black framed glasses. The advertising company in this show is called Sterling Cooper, standing for the two men who founded it. But let me tell you that Mr. Sterling is such a silver fox he makes my heart melt a little more every time he appears on screen. But he has these glasses he throws on and boy are they smart. Needless to say these have come back into fashion several times since the sixties and mostly likely they are Ray Bans. I feel like glasses go in and out of fashion. Sometimes they are sexy and others they are nerdy, but I think it is how the wearer wears them and man oh man Mr. Sterling wears the shit out of this pair.

Another thing I have come to notice is the finger nail polish worn by colorific ladies. Shades of pink, red and beige are the only to be found. Lets also add in the red and pink lipstick. Nowadays I go down a line in the grocery store, or a target and I am overwhelmed with the choices there are for everything ever made. In this show a lot of the accounts the ad company talks about getting are things we have heard of and know well. This was a time when things were simple and different brands were just starting to pop up and heighten the competition.

I suggest a peak into this world of the sixties. 


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

While downtown working this past week I had to plug the parking meter every hour. It literally only took a minute to go outside and slip back in but it was snowing and chilly and I wouldn't put on my gear. The last time I had to feed it the meter got jammed. I didn't bring my keys with me or anything that I could possibly stick in the slot to try and unjam it. So I ran inside and grabbed a post it and wrote "Meter is jammed!" and taped it to the meter. Today (four days later) the sign was still on the meter and a handful of change sat on it from the others that had parked there. I thought it was quite nice that people had left money and really didn't have to. Also that the money had probably been there since the day before since the meters are only in effect during the week.

Another reason why I enjoy this little place.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Many Mother's Do You Have?

I have a handful of mothers, besides the one I called Moma Bear. They worry, they give advise and they help me out when my moma is nowhere to be found. I wonder if other people have other mothers besides their own? Does this happen?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


#1. If you plan on attending art school it's best if you get your tattoos and piercings before you get there.

#2. If you think smoking makes you look cool you should FOR SURE start your new hobby on the first day of school(if you're a sometimes smoker, like me, it's best to not let anyone see because a)either everyone will assume you have spare cigarettes or b) you're probably really stressed, or drunk... which isn't pretty) inconsistency throws *them off.

*them-the people that didn't fit in at your high school because they didn't play sports so they came to an art school because it just felt right, man.  The people who believe in diversity and world peace, even though they all want to move to portland.  The people that french press coffee.  The people that want to start a revolution and make a difference by smoking a bowl and discussing it every night.


Small Town Girl

Everybody in my graduating class talked of cities, moving and being independent but very few made this happen; me being one of them. But I am back in that small home town of mine because this economy is terrible and I could not afford the luxuries of city life. I kind of dreaded moving back because I was going to live with my parents again. I was happy to be back with family and friends for the first couple of weeks. Then I started to miss my old apartment and the trains and all that cement. And mostly all the lovely people that I had met while I lived there for four and a half years.

But living in a big city has its downfalls. People are just not as friendly as they are in small towns for a few reasons. Everybody does not know EVERYBODY in a big city. Yes, you get to know the people at your local starbucks, your bike shop and even the librarians but it is just not the same. Six degrees of separation is in full effect in this little town of mine. And don't even get me started on the last names. A girl at the bar one weekend asked me my last name because she was surprised to find someone who had actually grown up in town.It turns out her grandfather owned the veterinary clinic on cascade and I knew exactly where it was located and we had a nice little chat. She had one of those names. And what I mean by that is she had a very common name from town where several branches of the family tree lived here. I did not know her personally but I am sure I went to school with a cousin or a sibling at some point in my life. And it is things like that that make me feel good.

I did not think I would ever move back to this town, nor did I think I wanted to move back here. But I love it. I love going into the grocery store and having the guy who has bagged my groceries half of my life chat me up. I constantly see people I know everywhere I go and it is even worse when I am with a parent. I feel like between the three of us we know at least half of the town. I like going into the hardware store and the owner calls my dad by name and helps us himself and can talk with us about the project we are working on. I like how when I go to go pick up my photos they call me by name and even call me by my nick name. It is so personalable and makes me feel like home which is exactly where I have landed, at home in this little town that doesn't even have a starbucks or a target or a walmart for that matter. It is quite charming.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Whatever you are looking for, forgot about it. It will find it's way to you. It may not be right away or when you want it but it will come in some shape or form.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

In the summertime

bbq's, dog walks, music in the park, strawberries, picnics, bike rides, sunglasses, road trips, swim suits, windows down, and arnold palmer's.

In the winter time

In the winter time when I was a child apparently I would pull on my boots and winter coat and tromp on over to the neighbors without any clothing under that there winter coat. Dis is how we does up her in ma neck of da woods, don't cha know


Friday, March 4, 2011


"Princess, your behind is blowing in the wind"

Life is Beautiful

A Few Things

I want to learn how to:

Pull a table cloth out from underneath plates, cups and candle holders
To fly a plane
To make wine
To tile a floor


Thursday, March 3, 2011

My week in pretty, pretty pictures

My Forever 21 "No Waste" project from my Theory and Practice class  was selected for a display window at Columbia to go along with the exhibition at the Art+Design gallery. Which is really cool, especially since I fought a war in that class with my teacher.
This is my makeshift hat block that was used to execute my super cool mountain hat design 

This is my blocked hat, I still have to decorate and wire it.

Glenn and I went to Pizano's college night. We split the bill. We each paid $6.66. HaH!


Mysterious Footsteps

I am convinced that there is a ghost in the house that I live in at the present time mainly because my mother does as well and she has given it a name: "Gertrude". I hear footsteps in the middle of the night and I hear doors opening and closing because they are anything but quiet. And sometimes I am sure I have seen something. Now, in the past we have blamed all the strange noises and door movement on the different cats that we have had over the years, but we are cat-less for the first time since I was little and it is a little disconcerting.

Both of my parents will be gone for the next few nights and I invited one of my bestest to come and stay with me because I am slightly frightened of sleeping alone. I told my mother this and she responded with "can't you find an attractive boy to come and sleep with you?" I told her I would get right on it. You see, my mother is not the average conservative Wisconsin mother that roams the main streets in her mini van, we don't have a mini van nor have we ever owned such a vehicle. She has a completely different way of going about things and gosh darn it I enjoy it, its not every day your mother proposes sex, let alone in her house.



Brown and Gray go together, trust me. 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life Lesson #21

Never trust anyone who hasn't brought a book with them.

Tom Ford's Baby

If you have not seen A Single Man, you probably should. It is so lovely; from the marvelous clothing (of course!) to the extremely calming music to the great attention to detail which is a Fashion Designer's weak spot, well at least for me it. I sort of melt while watching it. He warned it is not a cheery movie by any means but it left me with a little glimmer in my eye.

Oh yeah and Colin Firth plays the lead, need I say more?



We have always had woodpeckers lunching on our house every year mainly because it is made of wood. And this year we have put out several bird seeders to lure them in for some lovely bird watching from our living room windows. However this year we have a what my father likes to call a "mentally disabled woodpecker" that pecks at our METAL fireplace vent that sticks out of the roof. We have no idea why this happens and while sitting  around the table last night with family and friends we thought "The mentally disabled woodpecker" would be a hilarious and great title to a book. My mom pipes in and says "or a great title for a Children's book!" HAHAHA. We all laugh our asses off because nobody would buy book titled that let, alone a Children's book.

My mother has actually written several Children's books and has been published in a Christian book. She has all these wonderfully silly stories that she always says "that would make a great Children's book. My favorite of her latest stories happened at school with the little eight year old that she takes care of. After the teacher had rearranged the desks to different parts of the room, this little girl was not pleased. My mom was trying to get this little girl to work on her D.O.L and she refused, saying "I left my brain on the other side of the room." Awe-some!

I hope my moma had a great birthday yesterday!

Life lesson #45

You must always kill em with kindness