Wednesday, March 9, 2011


#1. If you plan on attending art school it's best if you get your tattoos and piercings before you get there.

#2. If you think smoking makes you look cool you should FOR SURE start your new hobby on the first day of school(if you're a sometimes smoker, like me, it's best to not let anyone see because a)either everyone will assume you have spare cigarettes or b) you're probably really stressed, or drunk... which isn't pretty) inconsistency throws *them off.

*them-the people that didn't fit in at your high school because they didn't play sports so they came to an art school because it just felt right, man.  The people who believe in diversity and world peace, even though they all want to move to portland.  The people that french press coffee.  The people that want to start a revolution and make a difference by smoking a bowl and discussing it every night.


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