Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning new languages

For the past month I have been living with my grandparents until I find a job/apartment.  My grandpa is full blooded Irish and my grandma is full blooded Italian.  Their relationship is bound together by their bickering.  They have an entirely different language...

Grandma language:

Tex Mex = Text Messaging
Steak = Steak N Shake
Tavern = Bar
Zink = Sink

Grandpa language:

Crazy Horse the furnace guy = My dad's friend/ our neighbor
That sissy girl college =  any liberal arts college



This is one of my favorite photos of all time:

Halston (fashion designer), Bianca Jagger (fashion icon), Jack Haley Jr., (Tin Man from Wizard of OZ), Liza Minelli and Michael Jackson at Studio 54.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am a list maker and I come from a long line of list makers. This is my summer list but don't be alarmed it is nothing to worry about, some of these things are nothing you to me but man oh man they are not things I ever do.

Dance in public
Sing at the top of my lungs with someone present
Kiss a stranger
Do something spontaneous
Make something wonderful
Flash someone while in a car
Scrape my knees
Stay up all night
Change a tire
Check the oil
Make a chair
Drink espresso
Dance the night away
Scream off a cliff
Jump off a cliff
Sit and do nothing
Make a new swim suit
Eat something new
Don't be shy
Just do it and by it, don't chicken out but try it out first

This here is a list written by Johnny Cash courtesy of Medusa:

How fantastic right?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Marketing

They fucking hit the nail on the head. Do I want to buy this car? Yes. Why? Because if I own it maybe I can get a lumberjack too. Yes please and thank you very much.


Friday, June 24, 2011


Feeling grumpy? Or sad? Or just unclean? Change your outfit! Sometimes I am down in the dumps and putting on something different puts me in a whole other mood. Try it, see how it goes.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My mother and I went to this cute and wonderfully delicious restaurant called Scusi in Saint Paul for dinner this evening. I was talking about the beautiful flowers at the wedding I attended this weekend with my sister. Then we brought up what kind of flowers my cousin wants for her wedding and how everything has been done before so of course I brain storm and have come up with the perfect wedding bouquet! Cactus. Think about it, how cool would that be? Maybe not throwing the bouquet  though (maybe a different succulent would work better) for those poor single ladies. But seriously how fucking funny would it be walking down an aisle (I picture mine outside) with a cactus in your hands? So I am telling this to my mother as her food arrives and the lovely gentleman is grating fresh parmesan onto her dish and he keeps going and going because we are in the midst of laughing hysterically about the idea of a cactus bouquet. A little extra parmesan never hurt anybody.



I am pretty sure every day I am wearing something that is either from Kohl's, Gap or Target


Monday, June 20, 2011

Puppy Crazy.

I am crazy about puppies right now. I check the humane society daily and bookmark puppies i can't adopt. I look on craigslist.  I just google "cute puppies."  I'm obsessed and I need help.  I have my own puppy but she's technically my family puppy so they won't let me have her even though we're obsessed with each other.  As soon as I get a job and sign a lease I'm getting a pup of my own. Any of these will do : )


Actual Inspiration

These are some of my favorite lyrics from the new Bon Iver album 

"Well, youʼre standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling"

"honey in the hale could fill the pales of loving less with vain"
"I'm telling darkness from lines on you"

The new album of course brought me back to the old album which is just the most perfect post-breakup album of all time from beginning to the very end...

In case you were unaware these are the last lyrics:
"This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization
It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away
Your love will be
Safe with me"

Music like this makes my chest fill up and it sort of feels like a minor anxiety attack.  It's love.  


On being inspired

I truly believe i can do anything. ANYTHING. Nothing is impossible.  Maybe it's because I've been obsessed with inspirational quotes since forever, or maybe it's because I had a good childhood.  I think it's because I listen when people give me advice.  I went to the mall with my friend in grade school when I was 12 and we came across a sample booth.  The woman working the booth was giving out sunscreen. She told me her biggest regret in life was not wearing sunscreen when she was my age.  I could tell this woman was serious and not just trying to sell me a bottle.  Ever since that day I have worn sunscreen everyday on my face at least.  Years later I would hear the song/speech "Sunscreen" which I also took to heart.  I read a book about struggle and I learn from it as if I lived it.  I try to learn from other peoples mistakes because I make enough of my own.  I don't think I know everything but I do feel like I have a HUGE advantage because I try "impossible."  I like to take risks.  I feel most alive when I am failing at something.  You can trash talk art school all you want but we learn how to produce, produce, produce.  Produce absolute shit! because eventually it will be good, why? because you worked hard and you didn't give up.  You may not like the final outcome, you will probably want to set it on fire but you have your finished something, you cared about something.  Where did all the passion go? where did your imagination go? get it the fuck back because it will change your world.  Every minute of everyday i am thinking about what I'm going to do next.  I people watch, i read magazines, i use my iPhone for good not evil and i desperately seek out what I'm trying to find.  You cannot wait for your life to come to you, happiness isn't a pill and it's not going to slap you in the face one day.  You are your own worst enemy.  Think about what you really want and do whatever it takes to get it. That's it. If you try your hardest and it doesn't work out then move on.  It's so easy, why does everyone make it so complicated.  If you want to be a country singer but you live in LA and majored in biology then fucking move to Nashville and tear the place apart.  If you want to get married and have kids then find the best, most fascinating person you can and love those kids like they're going to get hit by a bus the next day, everyday.  If you want to be a unicorn start a goddamn unicorn colony, I guarantee it will get its own capitol city someday if you truly believe in it.  It just pisses me off that nobody gives a damn about anyone or anything but they want everything.  I feel very lucky that I can get inspired by a plate of spaghetti but you can teach yourself how to do that, how?  look at the plate, pick out the colors, use your favorite color, go buy a t-shirt of the same color BAM! that's inspiration.  I'm sick of seeing really talented people settle for mediocrity, I'm sick of seeing my friends settle for guys and girls that treat them like shit, and I'm sick of everyone taking everything so seriously.  This is what makes my chest hurt, this is what breaks my heart.
Now, go forth and change the world or at least convince me to buy what you're selling


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"

This book is fantastic. It's a children's book written by Laura Numeroff. So if you give a mouse a cookie he'll want a glass of milk and if you give him that he'll want a long slew of other things. Sometimes I catch myself thinking "well if I get that then I am going to have to get that too" sort of thing. At work today we all took an ice cream break in Annie and my office. CEC, papa and sprinkles all came in and we had ourselves a laugh of a good time. Sprinkles (nicknamed for the sole reason that she LOVES sprinkles) had to of course run across the hall to her office to get her sprinkles stash because "what is ice cream without sprinkles?!? Good call. Long story short there are sprinkles everywhere. I mean e v e r y w h e r e. It is definitely the herpes of baking supplies.  We will be finding them for the next couple of weeks like you do when glitter gets on you.


I have decided...

Mercedes is the Chanel of the car industry

I often think about cars and clothing together. Why? I have no idea because my mind is always racing. If I were driving a Subaru I'd be wearing organic colors, comfortable shoes, slightly loose fitting knit top and a pair of cargo carpri's or a linen skirt. A Mercedes you ask? A little black dress, lime green cardigan, big necklace, big sunglasses, heels. So what I have basically concluded is that I need a different car for each adventure and a different outfit I would wear on these said adventures. A pick-em-up truck? A tight pair of ragged jeans, white shirt, flannel around the waist, brown boots, a pony tail and a pair of sunglasses. I could go on for days. One of my bestest has an old boat of a buick and she totally fits it perfectly. Surf board on the roof, skateboard in the trunk, aviators, floral blouse, cut offs, iced tea, flip flops and lots of anklets.

It's like playing dress up for adults. What am I doing today? Because I firmly believe that there is an outfit for everything.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sofia Blanc de Blancs

Today I had Francis Ford Coppola wine (as in the director of The Godfather). It was called Sofia and it was pink and girly and really kind of fantastic. And apparently he has a whole vineyard in California. This is an excerpt from their website:

"Fruity and refreshing, Sofia Blanc de Blancs is a rare blend of Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat.  Mellow flavors of apples and pears are topped by a hint of citrus and honeysuckle. Elegant in character, this wine is lightly textured and vibrant through the finish. "

Does that not sound lovely?


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I always enjoy the (RED) ads

From You To Me

Go to your closet.
Sift through and count how many pieces were not yours but are yours now. For example I have several shirts that my father wore in high school that he can no longer fit into or pull off. Or maybe you have a few of your grandpa's sweaters. It could be something you borrowed and never gave back (cough cough) or something that another person owned and thought you needed it more.

I have twenty two things plus a few aprons and a couple pairs of tights from others. Now some of these things were inherited because of a death, or not being able to wear it any longer. Others are stolen, lost or misplaced garments that have found a safe haven inside my closet. I cherish every one of these articles because they remind me of the other person. Make that twenty three things, I just found a sweatshirt stuck between my bed and the wall. But by all means keep your mouth shut if you wish to keep these things a secret. I let a fantastic pair of pants out out of my big mouth the other day and boy do I regret that, however one of my bestest suggested that I pattern them for us. But for those of your who don't know how to pattern and want to keep these things just do it.


Slacker #2

I have been neglecting our baby blog, sorry, merriweather.  I recently moved from Chicago to St. Louis, my hometown, and I have been so busy catching up with people that i have had no time to sit and blog. I actually should be updating my resume at the moment...
I've actually really been enjoying STL, It's home, ya know? last week I caught up with a couple of my friends from high school.  We went to a couple bars one was a bicycle themed bar called Handlebar! It was nice to catch up with them.  This week I went to a music showcase downtown it was from 2-2 and it featured a bunch of different bands at a bunch of different bars.  I've always been into the local music scene but there were a lot of talented bands at this thing. I really like the vibe in St. Louis it's similar to the Chicago vibe but it's not as fast and it's not the attention whore that is Chi-town.  I am not a day-by-day type of person, I never have been but being a recent graduate and choosing to be funemployed until I either a) run out of money or b)find a job that doesn't make me want to jump is kind of forcing me to be a free spirit.  I'm all over the place right now but at least I'm having fun...


Okay maybe fetish is the wrong word. Obsession possibly? I love scissors, a lot. I have to restrain from walking down the scissor aisle in any craft or sewing establishment. Here are a few of my lovelies

*Merriweather, I took this photo 2 weeks ago when I was moving out of 6 W. 



I am still very confused why switching to digital television was better than what their was. Now that it is all digital I have this stupid converter box and a lovely pair of bunny ears to make that converter box work. Well guess what? It doesn't work some of the time and some of that time it is pixelated and cuts out and the picture is distorted. I feel like its 1992 when I have to walk over to my television and move one of the antennae to try and make the picture better. And I am sure people who have fancy cable do not have this problem but I am never home, neither are my parents so their is no need for fanciness.

That is my bitterness for the day. I sound like I am 50.



I don't know how many different beers I have tried but I still have not found the right one. But when I am in a beer "setting" or "environment" I am totally down for a shitty beer that I will most likely hate.

Last evening I attended a show in Saint Paul at this quaint little bar called The Turf Club. I went alone and entered into a very full bar, very full of attractive bearded men. So of course my anxiety set it. I stepped to the side, got out my phone, sent out a few texts and then decided I needed a beer to keep me occupied. I walked over to the bar to find 312 on tap, which is a Chicago beer that is not my cup of tea but I was totally excited to be in a bar at a show to see David Bazan who I have only seen in Chicago. It was meant to be. Shows like this are totally beer appropriate. Baseball games are my other beer "environment". I am not necessarily there to watch some men hit a a ball around a diamond field, but its the whole experience that counts. Hot dogs, baseball, beer, peanuts, yelling fans. A perfect beer day.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Propietary Eponyms

I always thought of weird lists such as this. These are the original brands that have just turned into the actual product i.e. Kleenex for facial tissue.

Magic Marker
Scotch tape
Super Glue
X-Acto knife
Wite Out
Chap Stick


Finding Neverland

Have you seen this? It is a lovely lovely movie about the man who wrote Peter Pan

Johnny Depp
Kate Winslet
Freddy Moore

A little bit of make believe and silliness always makes my heart swell a bit.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

A little silliness for the day

"Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies"


A Wise Man Said....

When I was younger, probably in middle school, I was telling my grandpa about this boy that would always be mean to me during recess. He would chase me, throw things at me, tease me; he just would not leave me alone and of course I reacted so it would just continue.

"That means he likes you" My grandpa told me
"Yeah right, that's dumb. Why would he do that?"
"That's what boys do because they don't know what to do with their feelings"

"Yeah, okay"

Well guess what? He was totally right.



While waiting for the 29 state bus in Chicago one day minding my own business an older man started chatting me up while I was wearing my fairly large headphones. I didn't catch the first few things he said because I literally could not hear him so I took them off and listened. He went on and on about the number eleven and how people are eleven's. He said that eleven's are technical and do things a certain way. And he said that he was born on the 11th of a month making him an eleven. I let him talk and talk until the I could see the bus across the street, he noticed it too and his mouth stopped. And I turned to him and said that I was an eleven born in the 11th month. His eyes lit up and said he met three eleven's that very day. Then we both got on the bus and went out separate ways and I've been thinking about this constantly lately. I am sure there are several different theories about numbers and people but I thought this was a strange and neat little coincidence.