Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I don't know how many different beers I have tried but I still have not found the right one. But when I am in a beer "setting" or "environment" I am totally down for a shitty beer that I will most likely hate.

Last evening I attended a show in Saint Paul at this quaint little bar called The Turf Club. I went alone and entered into a very full bar, very full of attractive bearded men. So of course my anxiety set it. I stepped to the side, got out my phone, sent out a few texts and then decided I needed a beer to keep me occupied. I walked over to the bar to find 312 on tap, which is a Chicago beer that is not my cup of tea but I was totally excited to be in a bar at a show to see David Bazan who I have only seen in Chicago. It was meant to be. Shows like this are totally beer appropriate. Baseball games are my other beer "environment". I am not necessarily there to watch some men hit a a ball around a diamond field, but its the whole experience that counts. Hot dogs, baseball, beer, peanuts, yelling fans. A perfect beer day.


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