Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From You To Me

Go to your closet.
Sift through and count how many pieces were not yours but are yours now. For example I have several shirts that my father wore in high school that he can no longer fit into or pull off. Or maybe you have a few of your grandpa's sweaters. It could be something you borrowed and never gave back (cough cough) or something that another person owned and thought you needed it more.

I have twenty two things plus a few aprons and a couple pairs of tights from others. Now some of these things were inherited because of a death, or not being able to wear it any longer. Others are stolen, lost or misplaced garments that have found a safe haven inside my closet. I cherish every one of these articles because they remind me of the other person. Make that twenty three things, I just found a sweatshirt stuck between my bed and the wall. But by all means keep your mouth shut if you wish to keep these things a secret. I let a fantastic pair of pants out out of my big mouth the other day and boy do I regret that, however one of my bestest suggested that I pattern them for us. But for those of your who don't know how to pattern and want to keep these things just do it.


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