Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My mother and I went to this cute and wonderfully delicious restaurant called Scusi in Saint Paul for dinner this evening. I was talking about the beautiful flowers at the wedding I attended this weekend with my sister. Then we brought up what kind of flowers my cousin wants for her wedding and how everything has been done before so of course I brain storm and have come up with the perfect wedding bouquet! Cactus. Think about it, how cool would that be? Maybe not throwing the bouquet  though (maybe a different succulent would work better) for those poor single ladies. But seriously how fucking funny would it be walking down an aisle (I picture mine outside) with a cactus in your hands? So I am telling this to my mother as her food arrives and the lovely gentleman is grating fresh parmesan onto her dish and he keeps going and going because we are in the midst of laughing hysterically about the idea of a cactus bouquet. A little extra parmesan never hurt anybody.


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