Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not quite as short as shorts but not quite as long as pants

Pedal Pushers (for bicycling)
Capris (Grace Kelly was one of the first to wear these on the island of Capri)
High Waters (to wade in water)
Clam Diggers (for harvesting clams)
Knickerbockers (think old baseball players)
Manpris (common term used for men)
Bloomers (variations of  womens bottoms, including undergarments)
Breeches (men's bottoms, very billowy)


Passive Aggressive

I hate passive aggressive street signs. "One Way" Oh yeah? Okay so you do you want me to turn around or something? Am I not allowed to enter? Also I dislike "Lane ends in ____ feet" Right, so should I get over? Is this my last chance? What is going to happen? It should say "GET THE FUCK OVER BECAUSE THIS LANE IS GOING TO CEASE TO EXIST" or maybe without the profanity, but seriously who came up with this shit. Tell me what you want me to do, I cannot read your mind. And I know what you are thinking, I am woman and we are the damn queens of being passive aggressive, guilty as charged. However I am trying my very hardest to say what I mean. But men probably came up with those damn street signs.



At the office that I work at there are moms everywhere, all very sweet and nurturing but by gollie if something is up they can smell it in the air as you walk past them. They just know. They have a crazy sense about these things. So when I am feeling down they are there to try and bring me back up whether they smother me with hugs, silly compliments or just a shoulder to cry on; it's kind of nice having a mom wherever I go.

I don't know if I will ever be a Mom but I have always certainly been the motherly one with every group of friends.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teased by your blouse Spit out by your mouth

I'm already feeling nostalgic...

Some of my favorite Chicago things:

summer in chicago (nothing compares)
music in the park 
myopic books 
orange (orange rosemary french toast) 
sprinkles cupcakes 
the anthropologie on chicago ave. 
walking under the lights of the chicago theatre at night 
the blackstone (interior decorations)
the top of the harold washington library 
the flat iron building 
riding the fine arts building elevators 
the double door dressing rooms 
the art institute free days 
hollywood beach 
saturday night at roscoe's 
the old mailbox in columbia's 624 michigan building 
rush street 
hollywood mirror
vogue fabrics in evanston
fishman's fabrics 
the newsstand off the main st. purple line stop 
the great porches and balconies and rooftops 
the shoe department in belmont army 
the starbucks on harrison 
looking at the skyline from the museum campus 
looking at the skyline from the roosevelt bridge
looking at the skyline from the end of navy pier  
the new art supply store on wabash 
the brown elephant
long walks and cigarettes 
the salvation army off grand
goose island 312 
fox and obel vanilla latte 
standing room only 
walking down and up michigan avenue 
halloween house parties 
watching the sunrise on the lake 
playing in the face fountains 
the smell of the first snowfall 

This city will always have a huge chunk of my heart and soul...


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dad's "Room"

My father has several spaces to call his own. He has his bedroom, he has his office, he has his bedroom at the group home where he sleeps four days a week and he has his car no matter which particular one he has that day it is guaranteed to be "his". Along with these rooms he has "closets". He has his trunk or the bed of the truck, he has his double door closet at home, he has his closet at the group home and then he has his closet at work which is actually the coat closet. He has claimed all these spaces and uses them well. I think a room defines your character.

When I was younger and would visit my father at work I remember having to strategically maneuver my body around mounds of paper and filing cabinets just to sit down in his chair. And forget about trying to find the keyboard and the mouse to pull up solitaire. And it is still this way and always will be. And I like it this way, because this is the way I work. It is organized in a way only he understands which is how I do it. "Organized chaos" someone once described the mess I had on the floor.


and I cannot fight the fact that I am my father's daughter. We make everything our own, he bring in our shit and it just throws up every which way. You can tell who we are and probably a few things about us

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Happy Fucking Birthday Other Half.

I miss you terribly and I hope your birthday concert (cough cough, BACKSTREET BOYS) is awesome. Please get home safely and don't talk to people with missing teeth or large bags that may contain guns and such.


Friday, July 8, 2011

love and the apple store

*Actual photo of me taken in the Apple store 

I never bought into the whole prince charming thing (the only Disney movie I've ever enjoyed is Beauty and the Beast). I have  never second guessed kissing a frog(gross) or thought a man would return my shoe because i was a careless loser without a watch.  I do believe in love and fate and all of that stuff but I do not expect my hair to twirl around in the wind when our lips first touch.  I do not need gifts or the reassuring "okigottagoiloveyou" phone thingy, however,  there is one thing I would enjoy... I would like you to tell me that I am pretty in the Apple store.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our House

Let me start with the fact that I am an observer; I pay attention. I like knowing what is up and how things go. As a kid my bestest friends house was very different from mine. It was always clean,  things were in their place and there weren't any projects covering the kitchen table preventing us from eating dinner as a family but come to think of it we didn't eat as a family nor did we eat at the table very often. I am not saying these things are bad or that I would change anything but what I am thinking of today is adding little touches.

We never had candy dishes sitting around, so whenever I would see a candy dish in another home I could control myself. Sometimes I didn't even really like what the candy was I just wanted it because it was there and I never had it.

We were also the kind of house that only had kleenex when we were sick. There was never a box on the back of the toilet or anywhere else in bathroom. And by gollie I like having kleenex around. I usually blow my nose every time I get out of the bath or shower.

Ever need something to read while sitting on the toilet? That is a yes for everyone. We never EVER had anything to read in the bathroom so I reverted to reading the ingredients and labels of everything and anything that I could reach (this is where a box of kleenex would come in handy).

These sound like silly little things BUT these are things I have noticed and like. : ) I just need to buy some candy tomorrow!


Monday, July 4, 2011


I looked through some really hilarious and lovely photos of my friend's parents today. I told his papa bear there were some pretty great ones and he responded with "Back then I was a stud muffin, now I'm just all muffin" Hahaha hells yeah. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of muffin.

I love looking through old photos, its fantastic. Maybe you should bust out those dusty photo albums that are in need of some sunlight because they have been hanging out in the basement for years, maybe even decades. Just do it, you will probably laugh your ass off because you are bound to find something inappropriate. Plus you probably look just like your parents when they were younger. Same facial expressions and everything.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

101 Things...

A fellow lovely designer gave me a book titled "101 Things I Learned in Fashion School" and it is simply fantastic. And it is so accurate:

#13 Cotton is a fiber, not a fabric

#14 Satin is a weave, not a fabric

#29 Rules for buttoning a man's jacket
       Two buttons: Always button the top, never button the bottom
       Three buttons: Sometimes button the top, always button the middle, never button the last

#47 Simple clothes aren't simple to design

#55 Two ways to disappoint a design instructor
        Do exactly what the instructor says
        Don't do what the instructor says



My entire life I have dreamed about the day I could throw an epic party.  It's pretty much my only long term goal.  I just want to throw ONE epic party.  Definitely Marie Antoinette style, definitely a complete waste of money.  I have started to plan this party because, you know, I'm like totally going to be famous soon... It will be an invite only event, everything will be paid for, everything will be available.  Everyone will camp in lovely cloth tents on hundreds of pillows.  Champagne will be flowing and there will be music everywhere.  The food will be strange and wonderful and everyone will be dressed in a lovely whimsical costume.

This is my dream.  Save the date...