Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our House

Let me start with the fact that I am an observer; I pay attention. I like knowing what is up and how things go. As a kid my bestest friends house was very different from mine. It was always clean,  things were in their place and there weren't any projects covering the kitchen table preventing us from eating dinner as a family but come to think of it we didn't eat as a family nor did we eat at the table very often. I am not saying these things are bad or that I would change anything but what I am thinking of today is adding little touches.

We never had candy dishes sitting around, so whenever I would see a candy dish in another home I could control myself. Sometimes I didn't even really like what the candy was I just wanted it because it was there and I never had it.

We were also the kind of house that only had kleenex when we were sick. There was never a box on the back of the toilet or anywhere else in bathroom. And by gollie I like having kleenex around. I usually blow my nose every time I get out of the bath or shower.

Ever need something to read while sitting on the toilet? That is a yes for everyone. We never EVER had anything to read in the bathroom so I reverted to reading the ingredients and labels of everything and anything that I could reach (this is where a box of kleenex would come in handy).

These sound like silly little things BUT these are things I have noticed and like. : ) I just need to buy some candy tomorrow!


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