Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teased by your blouse Spit out by your mouth

I'm already feeling nostalgic...

Some of my favorite Chicago things:

summer in chicago (nothing compares)
music in the park 
myopic books 
orange (orange rosemary french toast) 
sprinkles cupcakes 
the anthropologie on chicago ave. 
walking under the lights of the chicago theatre at night 
the blackstone (interior decorations)
the top of the harold washington library 
the flat iron building 
riding the fine arts building elevators 
the double door dressing rooms 
the art institute free days 
hollywood beach 
saturday night at roscoe's 
the old mailbox in columbia's 624 michigan building 
rush street 
hollywood mirror
vogue fabrics in evanston
fishman's fabrics 
the newsstand off the main st. purple line stop 
the great porches and balconies and rooftops 
the shoe department in belmont army 
the starbucks on harrison 
looking at the skyline from the museum campus 
looking at the skyline from the roosevelt bridge
looking at the skyline from the end of navy pier  
the new art supply store on wabash 
the brown elephant
long walks and cigarettes 
the salvation army off grand
goose island 312 
fox and obel vanilla latte 
standing room only 
walking down and up michigan avenue 
halloween house parties 
watching the sunrise on the lake 
playing in the face fountains 
the smell of the first snowfall 

This city will always have a huge chunk of my heart and soul...


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