Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Its funny how people perceive jeans. Are they really that comfortable? Once in a while I do like wearing a pair but they just sit at a funny spot on the body. I know the jeans from 80's are so outdated and hideous now however they were much more flattering because they didn't cut off, they went to your natural waist. When I measure people I measure their "waist" where they wear their pants which I like to call the generational waist. Then I measure the natural waist which is infact the natural waist where people wore their pants for centuries.



As you can tell by the title to this particular post, I will be writing about showering. But don't get your hopes up because I will; for the next few minutes, explain why washing your bras in the shower is awesome. And yes I was naked but that is besides the point. I try not to throw my underwires in the washer because it "wears" them faster. In college I would get out kitchen bowls, place the bras in the bowls and just add hot water and a little bit of detergent. I would let them sit then I would rinse them out in the sink and not have anywhere to put them and most likely get splashed in the process. Washing them in the shower solves so many problems.

First you do need to soak them, but preferably in a little tub or ice cream bucket in the actual tub or shower. Let them soak a few hours before you plan on showering. I did three bras this time and it worked out nicely. I got in the shower and dumped out the bucket and let them rinse a bit. Then once I put conditioner in my hair I wrung the soap out, then rinsed them a bit more. I hung up from the faucet knobs and the shower head which is why three worked out. If you have some sort of rack hanging from the shower head you could do even more at a time! Then I just left them hanging in the steam of the shower so that they would regain their shape because steam really does wonders. I left them in there until this morning and they were good as new and completely dry.



Monday, February 20, 2012


Here is a list of jobs that I am fairly certain I would not be able to do:

Librarian (I am not a very quiet person)
Nurse (Not too sure about blood)
Skydiver instructor (hell no)
Alligator wrestler
Tattoo artist (I am not good at exacly recreating what I have already drawn)
Clown (because they are kind of creepy)
Lawyer (because they are kind of creepy)

Things I would like to be able to do:

Personal Assistant
Personal Stylist
Interior Designer


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big melons

Today at the grocery store I passed by the produce section and noticed how large the ruby red grapefruit were, but I was headed to get some cheese so I kept walking. On my way back past these swollen fruit I had to stop and get some. Then I proceeded to walk through the grocery with them across my chest to see what would happen. An older lady who worked there, smile and gave a little giggle as I passed. I walked around for a little while longer looking for my co-worker who was getting lunch but she is always quick like a bunny so I figured she had already paid and I was indeed correct. I got up to the cashier and yelled across the way "Look how big these are!!!!!" And then laughed very loudly. My co-worker "Sprinkles" may have been slightly embarrassed. So I giggled the whole way back to work and most of the rest of the day when these large citrus were mentioned because it is quite hilarious. I have included a photo of these ripe things and an older photo of some other citrus.....hahaha


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today's Day

Today started out a little shaky. I woke up and I couldn't find my glasses. I always take them off and put them in the drawer in the night stand next to my bed right before I go to sleep but I fell asleep watching a television show. I looked around for a minute or so but since I have terrible vision I decided it would be easier to feel around in my "Mary Poppins" purse for my prescription sunglasses; so I find them, put them on and continue my search better equipped. After throwing off all six of my pillows, a vogue magazine, xbox controller and my phone I finally find my glasses in between my comforter and the top sheet. No problem.

Then I go into the dresser in my closet to look through my skirts and I rip my thumb nail on the wooden drawer; no big deal because I'm not really attached to my nails and I could care less if they are long and beautiful. Then off to the tights drawer, yes I have an entire drawer for tights. The ripped thumb nail snags on every damn thing I touch. After about ten minutes I figure I really need to start making decisions and get the rest of my shit together so my friend can pick me up. I put a most ridiculous outfit together including herringbone, pinstripes and a pastel floral print not to mention yellow socks and sea foam green tights. I opted out of my signature scarf around the neck because I thought it would be too much. I got ready on time and it is off to work we go.

My mind is already some place else when I get to work so the day is basically filled with jumbled conversations and me skipping up and down the hallway to and from the copy room.

I go out to "burger night" which doesn't always mean we are getting burgers and I am still silly as can be but that is not much different from many other days.

I get home, pin up a pair of pants that I need to hem and get everything from my sewing room and transfer it to my bedroom so that I can sit in bed and sew. I am just about to start the first stitch with my tree branch of a hand needle and I remember I usually take the shade off my lamp. I went to grab the shade and the lamp started to tip, knocking over my glass of water like a domino affect directly into that night stand drawer I mentioned earlier in the story. Did I also mention that I threw away the actual drawer for this particular night stand and made one out of plexiglass with a wood base for my 3D glass?

Oh, I didn't? Well I riveted the plexiglass sides to the wood base and lets say they aren't exactly plush. AND there aren't any tracks to hold the drawer into the drawer space so it is titled forward. So of course the waterfall ends up on a pile of mail, a bunch of colored pencils, a box of very old chocolates and the Valentine's Day card I received today in the mail from my grandparents.

I sat in my bed and contemplated just continuing with the sewing I was planning on doing. But instead I got up and grabbed a towel, cleaned it up and sat here to record this for all of you.

Good Evening


Gird Your Loins

Have you ever heard the term "gird your loins"?

The term gird your loins was used several hundreds of years ago when men were preparing to battle. They wore long cotton tunics that they needed to tie up so that they would not trip over themselves while fighting. The term has transformed slightly because we are not literally tieing up long tunics but preparing for something dreadful as they were hundreds of years ago.

If you've seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada, this phrase kind of sets the mood for the rest of the film. When the boss of the magazine; who is said to be based off of real life Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, is coming into the "office" people become frantic. The creative director played by Stanely Tucci (one of my favorites), shouts "GIRD YOUR LOINS!" Women throw away carbs they've been eating, they take off ugly shoes and put on high heels, and they make their work space scarce and clean.

Does this happen at your office? Do you have to shape up when your boss comes around? Do you get a warning?

I don't know if I would compare my boss to this character, but we kind of do these things, minus the food. My boss comes to us because she knows we have candy and she wants some too.

But anyways I wore all black today and I did not have black boots to wear. It has just snowed so I wore grey ones and brought my black heels because I knew we were having a meeting with the boss lady. And she totally likes to pick on people and since I went to school for fashion, some people think I should dress nicely, which is true because I do. But some days I just don't feel like it. Have you ever seen a runway show and the designer walks out after the models? Ninety percent of those designers look like shit for several reasons.

Reason one: The designer is running around back stage trying to get everything perfect on the models
Reason two: When would there be to time to find something to wear
Reason three: You are there to look at the models, not the designer.

With all this said I of course am not walking down many runways behind models dressed in my clothing however we do know better than dressing like a slob.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I know this instance is not the first time I heard the song 'Umbrella' by Rihanna but it is the best memory I have it. I went down to Chicago the summer after freshman year of college ( I lived back in Wisconsin for the first summer) and I stayed with one of my very good bearded friends. He picked me up from the train station and played me his favorite song of the summer which just happened to be 'Umbrella'. He danced around in the car while driving. It was hilarious and silly and made me laugh.

Today I heard this song after what seemed like years and this awesome memory popped into my head. And it made me happy if only for a few moments; and of course I danced around like a fool, alone, in my car.

Don't forget to be silly


Merriweather Cookies

If you were a cookie, what would you be made of?

A little oatmeal
A few cups of sugar
A pinch of cloves
A little bit of cinnamon
A smidge of brown sugar
A couple eggs 
A tiny bit of lemon extract
Some flour
Purple food coloring
Baking soda, or is it powder?
Reese's Pieces
And a few nuts for good measure

Merriweather Cookies

How We Do

This is just one example of how things just are at my house:
Recipe that is clearly not in the book any longer and has maybe been used a few hundred times


Tech-no thanks

I always say I am not one for technology but as I sit here texting with one of my bestest, watching a movie on my xbox, sending a few friends messages through my xbox and surfing the internet on my computer I realize how rediculous I am. Silly I know but I still have a hard time with technology. But I am trying, really I am.



A co-worked called and left me a message today. As I was walking up the stairs she was passing by and this is how our conversation went:

Her: Hey!
Me: Hey there!
Her: did you?
Me: Yeah, thanks so much!
Her: Cool
Then we parted ways

I do this all the time especially with a few of my bestest including Medusa. Can you have a conversation without saying everything you need to and still have the person understand? I have a select few that this happens with quite a bit.


Stitch Remover, Seam Ripper, Thread Eraser

It must be that I went to college for Fashion design that people feel comfortable taking off their clothing in front me and I sure as shit am not complaining but its hilarious. This morning a little before 8:30 our Spicy receptionist/magic maker at work came in my office, shut the door and promptly took off her shirt. This is not the first time this has happened at work nor will it probably be the last. So any who she had cut the tag out of her shirt but had left the two stitched ends; "do you have a stitch remover?!" Of course I do. Then we argued about the term "stitch remover". Have you ever cut out a tag because it itched and then it still itched? Well that is because the seams scratch your skin just as much as the tag. As a kid I always cut out my tags and finally it got to the point where I cut holes in the shirt so that I could get the entire tag off, stitches and all.

If you feel the need to disrobe, by all means stop by.


Monday, February 6, 2012

New Camera

I bought this gadget to take to New York with me.

So freakin' adorable