Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stitch Remover, Seam Ripper, Thread Eraser

It must be that I went to college for Fashion design that people feel comfortable taking off their clothing in front me and I sure as shit am not complaining but its hilarious. This morning a little before 8:30 our Spicy receptionist/magic maker at work came in my office, shut the door and promptly took off her shirt. This is not the first time this has happened at work nor will it probably be the last. So any who she had cut the tag out of her shirt but had left the two stitched ends; "do you have a stitch remover?!" Of course I do. Then we argued about the term "stitch remover". Have you ever cut out a tag because it itched and then it still itched? Well that is because the seams scratch your skin just as much as the tag. As a kid I always cut out my tags and finally it got to the point where I cut holes in the shirt so that I could get the entire tag off, stitches and all.

If you feel the need to disrobe, by all means stop by.



  1. "If you feel the need to disrobe, by all means stop by." - my favorite line of the day!!! I need a job in YOUR office! :)