Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As you can tell by the title to this particular post, I will be writing about showering. But don't get your hopes up because I will; for the next few minutes, explain why washing your bras in the shower is awesome. And yes I was naked but that is besides the point. I try not to throw my underwires in the washer because it "wears" them faster. In college I would get out kitchen bowls, place the bras in the bowls and just add hot water and a little bit of detergent. I would let them sit then I would rinse them out in the sink and not have anywhere to put them and most likely get splashed in the process. Washing them in the shower solves so many problems.

First you do need to soak them, but preferably in a little tub or ice cream bucket in the actual tub or shower. Let them soak a few hours before you plan on showering. I did three bras this time and it worked out nicely. I got in the shower and dumped out the bucket and let them rinse a bit. Then once I put conditioner in my hair I wrung the soap out, then rinsed them a bit more. I hung up from the faucet knobs and the shower head which is why three worked out. If you have some sort of rack hanging from the shower head you could do even more at a time! Then I just left them hanging in the steam of the shower so that they would regain their shape because steam really does wonders. I left them in there until this morning and they were good as new and completely dry.



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  1. Heh, very clever! When I'm travelling I tend to do my underwear-washing in the shower, very double-duty-ing! As is shampoo as shampoo; shampoo as body-wash; shampoo as shaving soap; and obviously shampoo as laundry detergent.