Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today's Day

Today started out a little shaky. I woke up and I couldn't find my glasses. I always take them off and put them in the drawer in the night stand next to my bed right before I go to sleep but I fell asleep watching a television show. I looked around for a minute or so but since I have terrible vision I decided it would be easier to feel around in my "Mary Poppins" purse for my prescription sunglasses; so I find them, put them on and continue my search better equipped. After throwing off all six of my pillows, a vogue magazine, xbox controller and my phone I finally find my glasses in between my comforter and the top sheet. No problem.

Then I go into the dresser in my closet to look through my skirts and I rip my thumb nail on the wooden drawer; no big deal because I'm not really attached to my nails and I could care less if they are long and beautiful. Then off to the tights drawer, yes I have an entire drawer for tights. The ripped thumb nail snags on every damn thing I touch. After about ten minutes I figure I really need to start making decisions and get the rest of my shit together so my friend can pick me up. I put a most ridiculous outfit together including herringbone, pinstripes and a pastel floral print not to mention yellow socks and sea foam green tights. I opted out of my signature scarf around the neck because I thought it would be too much. I got ready on time and it is off to work we go.

My mind is already some place else when I get to work so the day is basically filled with jumbled conversations and me skipping up and down the hallway to and from the copy room.

I go out to "burger night" which doesn't always mean we are getting burgers and I am still silly as can be but that is not much different from many other days.

I get home, pin up a pair of pants that I need to hem and get everything from my sewing room and transfer it to my bedroom so that I can sit in bed and sew. I am just about to start the first stitch with my tree branch of a hand needle and I remember I usually take the shade off my lamp. I went to grab the shade and the lamp started to tip, knocking over my glass of water like a domino affect directly into that night stand drawer I mentioned earlier in the story. Did I also mention that I threw away the actual drawer for this particular night stand and made one out of plexiglass with a wood base for my 3D glass?

Oh, I didn't? Well I riveted the plexiglass sides to the wood base and lets say they aren't exactly plush. AND there aren't any tracks to hold the drawer into the drawer space so it is titled forward. So of course the waterfall ends up on a pile of mail, a bunch of colored pencils, a box of very old chocolates and the Valentine's Day card I received today in the mail from my grandparents.

I sat in my bed and contemplated just continuing with the sewing I was planning on doing. But instead I got up and grabbed a towel, cleaned it up and sat here to record this for all of you.

Good Evening


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