Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big melons

Today at the grocery store I passed by the produce section and noticed how large the ruby red grapefruit were, but I was headed to get some cheese so I kept walking. On my way back past these swollen fruit I had to stop and get some. Then I proceeded to walk through the grocery with them across my chest to see what would happen. An older lady who worked there, smile and gave a little giggle as I passed. I walked around for a little while longer looking for my co-worker who was getting lunch but she is always quick like a bunny so I figured she had already paid and I was indeed correct. I got up to the cashier and yelled across the way "Look how big these are!!!!!" And then laughed very loudly. My co-worker "Sprinkles" may have been slightly embarrassed. So I giggled the whole way back to work and most of the rest of the day when these large citrus were mentioned because it is quite hilarious. I have included a photo of these ripe things and an older photo of some other citrus.....hahaha


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