Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have decided...

Mercedes is the Chanel of the car industry

I often think about cars and clothing together. Why? I have no idea because my mind is always racing. If I were driving a Subaru I'd be wearing organic colors, comfortable shoes, slightly loose fitting knit top and a pair of cargo carpri's or a linen skirt. A Mercedes you ask? A little black dress, lime green cardigan, big necklace, big sunglasses, heels. So what I have basically concluded is that I need a different car for each adventure and a different outfit I would wear on these said adventures. A pick-em-up truck? A tight pair of ragged jeans, white shirt, flannel around the waist, brown boots, a pony tail and a pair of sunglasses. I could go on for days. One of my bestest has an old boat of a buick and she totally fits it perfectly. Surf board on the roof, skateboard in the trunk, aviators, floral blouse, cut offs, iced tea, flip flops and lots of anklets.

It's like playing dress up for adults. What am I doing today? Because I firmly believe that there is an outfit for everything.



  1. What should I be driving right now? I have a tie dye shirt, a ridiculously multi-colored Mountain Dew hat, and some khakis covered in green and tan paint. Hmm. I'm thinking, old station wagon, one with the wood panels.

  2. That would fantastic! Or an old buick with lots of bumper stickers and an little do-hicky on the antennae