Saturday, June 4, 2011


While waiting for the 29 state bus in Chicago one day minding my own business an older man started chatting me up while I was wearing my fairly large headphones. I didn't catch the first few things he said because I literally could not hear him so I took them off and listened. He went on and on about the number eleven and how people are eleven's. He said that eleven's are technical and do things a certain way. And he said that he was born on the 11th of a month making him an eleven. I let him talk and talk until the I could see the bus across the street, he noticed it too and his mouth stopped. And I turned to him and said that I was an eleven born in the 11th month. His eyes lit up and said he met three eleven's that very day. Then we both got on the bus and went out separate ways and I've been thinking about this constantly lately. I am sure there are several different theories about numbers and people but I thought this was a strange and neat little coincidence.


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