Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two Types of People

We think that there are two types of people in any given scenarios.

Morning people/ night people
Cat people/ dog people
People who have children/ people who don't
People who hire movers/ people who use friends and family
Beer drinkers/ none beer drinkers
People who wear jeans/ people who wear slacks
People who fly first class/ people who fly economy
People who by nose bleed seats/ people who buy courtside
People who read soft covers/ people who read hard covers
People who use pencils/ people who use pens
People who take baths/ people who take showers
People who use dishwashers/ people who hand wash
Messy people/ clean people
People who gamble/ people who don't
Pop drinkers/ water drinkers
People who like socks/ people who don't
Sandal wearers/ shoe wearers
People who were shorts in the summer/ people who wear pants in the summer
People who were belts/ people who don't
People who went to public school/ people who went to private school
Outdoor people/ indoor people
People who like board games/ people who don't
People who order appetizers/ people who don't
People who eat bread with butter/ people who don't
People who order desserts/ people who don't
People that leave their hair natural/ people who dye it
Travelers/ Townies
People who have apartments/ people who have condos
People who live in the country/ people who live in the city
Sport watchers/ none sport watchers
Coke drinkers/ Diet Coke drinkers

Obviously some people are both of the choices because I know I am but we think the majority of people can say they are one or the other.

Medusa and Merriweather

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