Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We have always had woodpeckers lunching on our house every year mainly because it is made of wood. And this year we have put out several bird seeders to lure them in for some lovely bird watching from our living room windows. However this year we have a what my father likes to call a "mentally disabled woodpecker" that pecks at our METAL fireplace vent that sticks out of the roof. We have no idea why this happens and while sitting  around the table last night with family and friends we thought "The mentally disabled woodpecker" would be a hilarious and great title to a book. My mom pipes in and says "or a great title for a Children's book!" HAHAHA. We all laugh our asses off because nobody would buy book titled that let, alone a Children's book.

My mother has actually written several Children's books and has been published in a Christian book. She has all these wonderfully silly stories that she always says "that would make a great Children's book. My favorite of her latest stories happened at school with the little eight year old that she takes care of. After the teacher had rearranged the desks to different parts of the room, this little girl was not pleased. My mom was trying to get this little girl to work on her D.O.L and she refused, saying "I left my brain on the other side of the room." Awe-some!

I hope my moma had a great birthday yesterday!

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