Thursday, March 31, 2011


preface: I think I have two very different personalities inside this body

I am currently watching "Conversations with other women" and this movie is appealing to me because I've always been a fan of the "secret love affair"  I love that two people can share something so intimate even though they both know it's only for a little while.  It's exciting and fun and rebellious, almost like you're in another universe.  This secret love affair can also ruin lives, it can consume all of your thoughts and it could leave behind something that never goes away(like a child or infection of some sort).  Logically not the best idea but when you're in the moment you really don't care...

The other side enjoys the thought of monogamy.  One person. Forever.  I believe that you can stay true to the same person forever but finding that person is the trouble.  I believe in fairytale romance, I believe that you can be swept off your feet and stay smitten.  I just figure if I believe this stuff there must be a few other people that do too, even men.

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