Monday, March 28, 2011


I am on vacation back in the city that I lived in for a little over four years and it feels like I haven't even left. I stare out Medusa's living room windows onto large buildings that glare back at me. I love being here, I love the smell, the cement, the shitty people. But it is so much more complicated here and you must plan, and boy oh boy do I like planning. I like control and I like when the train comes on time and when things just work out. In a small town things are simple, they are slower, time is so different with a smaller population. I am in the slow moving time frame and this fast pace is giving me a slight head ache. It is so overwhelming, but I will greet the sunny cold day with a smile and when I head back to my little rink-a-dink town I will not complain and I will absorb like I did when I lived in this magnificent city.


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