Saturday, March 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

While downtown working this past week I had to plug the parking meter every hour. It literally only took a minute to go outside and slip back in but it was snowing and chilly and I wouldn't put on my gear. The last time I had to feed it the meter got jammed. I didn't bring my keys with me or anything that I could possibly stick in the slot to try and unjam it. So I ran inside and grabbed a post it and wrote "Meter is jammed!" and taped it to the meter. Today (four days later) the sign was still on the meter and a handful of change sat on it from the others that had parked there. I thought it was quite nice that people had left money and really didn't have to. Also that the money had probably been there since the day before since the meters are only in effect during the week.

Another reason why I enjoy this little place.


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