Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Small Town Girl

Everybody in my graduating class talked of cities, moving and being independent but very few made this happen; me being one of them. But I am back in that small home town of mine because this economy is terrible and I could not afford the luxuries of city life. I kind of dreaded moving back because I was going to live with my parents again. I was happy to be back with family and friends for the first couple of weeks. Then I started to miss my old apartment and the trains and all that cement. And mostly all the lovely people that I had met while I lived there for four and a half years.

But living in a big city has its downfalls. People are just not as friendly as they are in small towns for a few reasons. Everybody does not know EVERYBODY in a big city. Yes, you get to know the people at your local starbucks, your bike shop and even the librarians but it is just not the same. Six degrees of separation is in full effect in this little town of mine. And don't even get me started on the last names. A girl at the bar one weekend asked me my last name because she was surprised to find someone who had actually grown up in town.It turns out her grandfather owned the veterinary clinic on cascade and I knew exactly where it was located and we had a nice little chat. She had one of those names. And what I mean by that is she had a very common name from town where several branches of the family tree lived here. I did not know her personally but I am sure I went to school with a cousin or a sibling at some point in my life. And it is things like that that make me feel good.

I did not think I would ever move back to this town, nor did I think I wanted to move back here. But I love it. I love going into the grocery store and having the guy who has bagged my groceries half of my life chat me up. I constantly see people I know everywhere I go and it is even worse when I am with a parent. I feel like between the three of us we know at least half of the town. I like going into the hardware store and the owner calls my dad by name and helps us himself and can talk with us about the project we are working on. I like how when I go to go pick up my photos they call me by name and even call me by my nick name. It is so personalable and makes me feel like home which is exactly where I have landed, at home in this little town that doesn't even have a starbucks or a target or a walmart for that matter. It is quite charming.


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