Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick

Where I come from being Irish is all about family, food, and faith.  Even though the faith part is a distant thing in my life i still include it (similar to me believing in magic and gnomes and fairies).  EVERY single memory i have of St. Patrick's day is lovely.  I have never celebrated it in Chicago like everyone else does, mostly because I'm so busy and I've never had "Irish" friends.  When I was a kiddo my mom and dad would take my brother and I to the St. Louis parade and It is to this day the most elaborate parade I've ever attended, EVERY YEAR!!! My dad is a police officer and some years he would walk in the parade and stop to give us green carnations.  After the parade we would head over to my grandma and grandpa's house for some corned beef and cabbage and I would play with my cousins.  I'm already pretty homesick but this holiday makes it really hard for me to be away from family.  My cousin Emily and I are planning to visit our relatives over in Ireland this summer to get the scoop on our heritage.  My great uncle was an irish mobster and my other great uncle owned a pub that is still open for business.  I'm glad I have such a rich Irish/Italian heritage and an amazing, close family to share it with.

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