Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was an avid Mad Men watcher when the show first came out but I have lost track mainly because that was the only time I had cable. But this show is lovely and delicious and pretty well written. Let's not forget about the awesome intro of credits that makes me a little jittery each and every time.

Our leading man the ever charming and handsome Advertising Genius Mr. Don Draper brights up the screen with his performance. Think crisp white shirts, stiff ties, silk pocket squares and a suit that is cut to a T. He is serious, slick and a man who knows what he wants and by golly he gets it every damn time. John Hamm plays this saucy man and it seems like it is a breeze through the park for him. I would not mind a stroll with this man. The thing that I find strange is that I am only attracted to John Hamm as Don Draper. I have seen him bearded and some-what funny but the attraction is just not there.

I think one of the reasons that I love movies and dramatic television series so much is because I am watching someone else live out their life. I am an observer; I love watching people and learning more. And I love things that are not relevant to me. Mad Men is set in the early sixties. Everyone has their place in the world; the women at home or as a typist and the men behind doors with intercoms and shelves of scotch to drink several times during the day for no apparent reason other than a co-worker popping in which seems to happen quite often, But not after a call from their secretary to tell them "Mr. Sterling is here" that is usually followed by "Send him in." I eat this shit up.This does not happen anymore. Everybody does not have a secretary that takes their hat and coat when they get into the office. Hell, nobody wears hats anymore other than the soul purpose of keeping their head warm. Speaking of lovely accessories, lets talk black framed glasses. The advertising company in this show is called Sterling Cooper, standing for the two men who founded it. But let me tell you that Mr. Sterling is such a silver fox he makes my heart melt a little more every time he appears on screen. But he has these glasses he throws on and boy are they smart. Needless to say these have come back into fashion several times since the sixties and mostly likely they are Ray Bans. I feel like glasses go in and out of fashion. Sometimes they are sexy and others they are nerdy, but I think it is how the wearer wears them and man oh man Mr. Sterling wears the shit out of this pair.

Another thing I have come to notice is the finger nail polish worn by colorific ladies. Shades of pink, red and beige are the only to be found. Lets also add in the red and pink lipstick. Nowadays I go down a line in the grocery store, or a target and I am overwhelmed with the choices there are for everything ever made. In this show a lot of the accounts the ad company talks about getting are things we have heard of and know well. This was a time when things were simple and different brands were just starting to pop up and heighten the competition.

I suggest a peak into this world of the sixties. 


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