Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck of the Irish

Today, if you were unaware is Saint Patrick's Day. This holiday is the most celebrated in my house hold. My brother has returned from college and is missing three days of class and my sister just happens to have these next two days off of teaching. The night before and the morning of is somewhat similar to when the McCallister family in Home Alone is trying to get to the airport. There are some many of them and they are running around trying to find everything and anything they would ever need. But we never leave anyone behind.

On this day we eat green doughnuts, stop by my father's office to show off that we are head to toe green and that we don't have to be inside doing crappy work. Then we park under this bridge in Saint Paul that is really not a parking place but it would be cheaper to get a $15 dollar ticket than to park for half of the day. Then we head into the same hotel we have gone to since before I was born and we meet with our family friends that we walk with in the parade. We eat corned beef and cabbage and drink drinks dyed green. It is very Irish and it is very silly and lovely.

One year we brought my best friend with and I apparently forget to tell her that we weren't just going to watch the parade, we were going to BE in the parade. So she gets to our house with jeans and a green sweatshirt and my father tells her that it is not sufficient. And she still doesn't know the plan until we are half way up to Saint Paul and she sort of flips out in the car. Hahaha Needless to say she knew for the next year and dressed appropriately.

I am off to be green!


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