Saturday, April 2, 2011


Orion has always been my go to constellation. He is always in the sky when I look up and I usually don't have to search for him. I find constellations so fascinating and the stories behind them are quite lovely if you choose to believe them. The whole constellation reminds me of how we first started out drawing in my figure drawing class at Columbia which turned out to be one of my top five classes. He is very boxy and simple but you can tell what he is and that his body is curved. And at the beginning of the class we would do thirty second sketches and they would turn out similar to him.

Oh how I miss that class and all those naked bodies. Medusa and I took this together and our teacher called us 'Thelma and Louise'. Medusa had to watch it to understand what he really meant and we decided it could work for us minus the ending, and the bar scene but we wouldn't mind a young Brad Pitt seducing us.


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