Thursday, April 21, 2011


It has been brought up a few times in the last week or so that men are somewhat surprised when girls become vulgar. When a guy is talking about sex, or something dirty he does not say anything about the girl but obviously it is implied and GUESS WHAT??!?!?! We are totally telling our girls the same damn story and we are probably adding lots more details because women need to know everything. And most of the time it is kind of bragging but also we need to live vicariously through others sometimes.

My friend and I always thought it was funny to throw around the term "HEM JOB" while talking about hemming a garment for someone because one: it is hilarious two: it catches everyone off guard three: best facial reactions EVER. "I'm going to give him a hem job" Perfect. Just Perfect. Love It.

I'm just saying......


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