Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In My Bed....

In the last few days I have acquired a few odd things in my bed. They are what follows:

A few pins
Two CD's in their cases
A spool of gray thread that matches my sheets quite nicely
My lock ness monster pin cushion
Three remotes
Cell phone charger
Cherry Chapstick
A pair of socks I must of taken off in the night
A stack of yellow 3M post-its
And last but not least a little pair of pink embroidery scissors

I have this horrible habit of sticking my sewing needle into my bed while I am sewing. So of course I got into my element while sewing at a friends house during college and put the needle into this bed. I tried to keep it quiet and feel around for it but his sheets were ill fitting so it was difficult for me to find it not to mention him sitting at his desk three inches away. Let's just say he was not pleased and I quit sewing my homework and promised to never do it again.  I hope that the man I share my bed with will let me sew in bed. Or! I could have a little bed in my sewing room or a sewing couch that would be nice too.

A sewing room must be yours and must be comfortable.


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