Sunday, April 24, 2011

Laryngitis, take two

So I still have laryngitis. And my friends have come over and made it impossible for me not to speak so here I am honking away. And they think it is hilarious when I say certain things.

So whenever I would receive a text message I would say "text message" in a high pitched noise, I mean, we are talking every time. So I figured I should just record myself saying "text message" instead. So I did and people think it is strange, and funny and it never gets old.

So here we are sitting around playing with our phones and one of the bestest wants me to record "text message" into her phone so her life can be complete. So I did and it is awful. Honk Honk. I sound like a goose and when I say goose its like a twelve year old boys voice crackling.


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