Monday, April 25, 2011


Bacon Wrapped Steak Sauteed In Butter

My mother made this for me for dinner and there it was just hanging out on the dining room table, mother nowhere to be found. I took a bite and was in love, but it needed to be warmed up a bit. So I obsessed (to myself) about how fucking wonderful that little piece of meat was. I waited patiently until the 'beep beep beeeep' went off and just ate it standing up. I got half way through and thought "maybe I should sit down, have some water and enjoy this" so of course I kept eating it as I walked over to the table still voicing how amazing it was. I must have been tuned out because my mother had been asking me who I was talking to for the whole duration of this meal (about a minute and a half) and she scared the SHIT out of me but don't worry, no meat was lost. She was reading on a couch in the neighboring room. Good lord. Then I giggled the rest of the way through that sultry piece of meat.

I may be a picky eater (not as bad I as I used to be) but I still enjoy a nice big piece of meat, as long as it is a cow.


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