Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rhodes Ranger

We have an electric blue Ford Ranger truck with a thin purple stripe. It has been sitting in our driveway for the entire winter and we finally got her out and put new tires on her. I learned how to drive stick in this truck with my Aunt and Uncle (both enormously tall humans) crammed into the passenger side.
It is ridiculously out of shape; it leans to one side, the windshield is broken, the wipers don't work, the seats move about and one of the tail lights is busted. But it gets us from a to b. And forget about riding in it with mom, good lord. She used to drive while talking on the phone and you would flung about like nobodies business.
It's always an adventure in this truck but I love it. It used to be my uncles and he would take me to Timberwolves games and I would bounce around in this little truck in downtown Minneapplesauce. It was great fun.


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