Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am easily amused. I laugh a lot and frequently and at really stupid things. I also love really dry humor that nobody thinks is funny which makes me laugh even more because it makes me nervous that I am the only one laughing. And I have a loud laugh and its very distinguishable and I love it.

At work we have been joking that I was only hired to laugh at my office mate; which I do often because she is really silly, I am really silly and so is everyone else so its great fun. But think about...I would be great in awkward situations or at company parties. I could be hired just to laugh at the boss when he tells his dirty jokes that he only thinks are funny and it wouldn't even matter who I was. I would have an alias all ready: "I am Blah blah blah's sister from accounts, or I just started yesterday in the mail room or I work twice a week to fill in for that lady on the third floor that is three weeks past her due date but still insists on coming in even though she can only wear her husbands shoes because they are the only ones that will fit her swollen feet." Seriously, this is going to be my new side job to pay off my student loans. Well and to be able to buy Free People's spring collection. And maybe a cd or two. WAIT...and an actual adult bed complete with headboard and frame.


This is how I will make my millions

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