Monday, December 5, 2011

Stupid Pill

I swear I take a stupid pill whenever I see my drawrer friend. Partly because he is always on his toes and comes back with some great wit, but also I tend to just take it and not stand up for myself which mainly happens because I back myself into a corner. And I tend to be the only female amongst a large group of the nerdiest men you will ever EVER meet.  Okay, maybe not the nerdiest however they are very attached to their computers and video games and they talk a lot of jargon. So I play stupid, well maybe I don’t play stupid I just don’t fucking understand what the hell they are talking about. But I know things about other things just not computers, or how fast things download or the pixelation of my flat screen television set, OKAY? I could pretty much care less about that shit however I like their company so I keep them around. Plus I always have my cell phone to keep me entertained. But none of them know anything about sewing or patterning or fractions. Without people like me they would be without clothing! Well maybe not without clothing, but without clothing that sort of kind of fits or that is some what cool. I am just an under appreciated female, hahaha never heard that one before!


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