Friday, December 9, 2011

Ren Gill

Photos taken a few years ago at a party: (top) Merriweather and Ren (Middle) Ren, Medusa, and Merriweather (Bottom) Medusa foot, Ren feet, Merriweather foot

I remember the first time I met Lauren, I was hanging out with Merriweather at CVS and we ran into her... Merriweather: "This is Kelly(Medusa)" Lauren: "What's your sign?." I was instantly a fan of this Lauren girl.   She was a very talented person, she had great taste, she was a total badass, she got shit done and knew pretty much everyone that needed to be known BUT, she was also pretty goofy for being so intimidatingly beautiful.  Also, she's the only person that still used the term "rad" and got away with it. She was a magical person that will be missed by many...