Thursday, December 8, 2011


Meeting Lauren Gill is the best story that I have from college or maybe possibly ever.

I had been having a rough time in Chicago and my boyfriend at the time who was still back in my hometown suggested I go to the CRU (for jesus lovers) meeting to try and meet people. I was uneasy because I didn't feel like being social nor did I want to go by myself, but I fucking did it anyways. So I get there late because I sure as shit don't want to stand around awkwardly at the beginning waiting for it to start. There was a lot of singing and dancing and hand clapping and I was totally not into it. At the end which seems to have taken about a week to get it to one of the people in charge announces there is "soda" and pizza in the back so feel free to come on over and have a good time. Have a good time eh? Good god. And I distinctly remember it being off brand pop and there was no way in hell I was drinking 'RC Cola'. So when everyone got up I stayed in my seat to reflect on what I just witnessed. I looked around and there was only one other person still sitting and it was Ms. Lauren Gill. We gave each other the same weirdwhatthefuckjusthappened look. Then I looked away and before I could look back at her she was sitting next me. "HI! I'm Lauren, What's your name?" With as much enthusiasm as possible considering all the singing and dancing that we both did not enjoy. So we chatted for a while and found out we lived in the same building, had the same major and thought the meeting was totally strange. The best part of this story is that we became bestest of friends and we never went back to another CRU meeting every again.

Miss you Lo,
Always and Forever you beautiful girl you



  1. Aww thank you for sharing that story <3

  2. Thank you for.sharing this was.a.beautiful.story. Mk

  3. amazing story kelsey. thank you for posting. hope to see u soon BD xoxo