Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pocketed Underwear

The point of blogging to my knowledge is to share much too much information with your family, friends and complete strangers. For the most part I do not hold back, but on occasion I save a post as a draft and contemplate whether I should show it to our handful of readers or just keep it for myself. This may be one of those times that I would have saved it but today it is happening.

In the last week I have ended up with my underwear in my pocket twice. Don't get excited because there wasn't any sex involved nor was there an extremely interesting story but here you are still reading....Sometimes I just hate hate HATE the pair of underwear I have chosen and on this particular day I had pockets which doesn't happen often because I tend to not wear pants. So I took them off in the bathroom; problem solved.

Now for round two: when you are used to living by yourself which I still blame all of my mishaps on even though it has already been a year, you leave your shit everywhere. The bathroom is usually scattered with my clothing including my unmentionables that I am clearly mentioning. But my dad has been off of work, my brother is home and he has friends of the male kind. So I had to snatch up a pair of my "ders" and stuff them in my bathrobe that I was wearing at the time. The best part of these underwear stories is that I carried my underwear in my pocket for hours. Once in a while I would go to get my phone out of my pocket and start to pull them out. Some days it may just be easier to forget the underwear all together.

Now that I have shared much too much information I realize that I sometimes blog to see if these things happen to other people of if they do the same things that I do.  All in all, I do some silly things.

Happy Holidays, Bitches


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