Saturday, December 17, 2011

All My Life

All my life I have never been one of those people that have a ridiculous amount of shoes, maybe more than I needed yes, but never so many pairs I didn't know what to do with. I also never had more than one perfume at a time. I would search and search for the right one and I would use it until it ran dry, literally. But I have changed my ways; why not wear a different fragrance every day? And a different pair of shoes everyday? I still don't own that many pairs of shoes. These are the things I have always had an abundance of: coats for all types of seasons, t-shirts (which has dwindled significantly), socks, underwear, winter attire including gloves, hats and scarves. These are a few of the bestest: Madame Chanel, Monsieur Prada, Monsieur Boss, Monsieur Burberry, Monsieur Jacobs, and Monsieur Lauren.


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