Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pop Rocks

My co-workers and I often walk to Walgreen's to get some fresh air and take a break from counting the beans. We tend to get green teas, pop, candy, make-up and sometimes even a trashy magazine.On Wednesday we ventured through the gusty wind for some snacky snacks and a few gifts for a co-worker who had taken the day off. "Sprinkles" wandered through the candy isle and came across pop rocks which none of us could recall the last time we had ever had them. So of course she grabs the three pack justifying it by saying "we can open one pack a day!"

We had the strawberry flavor yesterday which was not nearly as exciting as we remembered. Today while the other three ladies and I were goofing about during our lunch hour which basically turns into a shit show of laughter and sometimes even food fights, we opened the watermelon flavored packet. We didn't have high expectations since yesterday's experience was less than par but boy oh boy did we have a grand time today. CEC told me to take a sip of my cherry coke before I licked the pop rocks off of my hand so I did just that. She said it sounded like I was chewing on a carrot because of the loud 'popping' sounds coming from the inside of my mouth. Hmm....I suppose that is why they are called pop rocks, eh?

After a little experimenting we have clearly decided that the watermelon was awesome and the strawberry was lame. So the next time you are walking down the candy isle and a little black package with florescent lettering catches your eye, get the watermelon, duh! But who knows what tomorrow will bring; that last flavor may trump the watermelon so we shall see!

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