Monday, November 14, 2011


I've said it before and I will forever say it; I am a great hugger. And today I was hugged by another great hugger. This hug will probably go down in my book as one of the greatest so far. One of my co-workers who my family has known for at least half of my life popped into my office just before lunch. He spun my chair around, pulled me in close and apologized for not being able to celebrate my birthday with me. It was lovely. I love love love good hugs. It is such a great feeling. These are the characteristics of a good hug:

Full body contact, not just the arms and collar bone area
At least five or six seconds of interaction
Neck nestling
Shoulder resting
Maybe a little swaying

Well, those are my favorite parts of a hug. So next time you are hugging someone think about these few things that could make your hug that much better.


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