Monday, November 21, 2011

Book Judger! Book Judger!

I judge books by their covers, so what? You know you want to but that little voice in your head tells you to read the back or the inside cover to help you make your decision. Once I have picked up the book then I will mostly likely read about the contents but sometimes the title or cover alone will persuade me to go straight to the register without a blink of the eye. I am not saying this is fool proof or that every book I have ever chosen in this manner has been amazing. life changing or the best book EVER. It is just a way to narrow down the overwhelmingness of most bookstores because there are just too many choices. And I am terrible at making decisions and for this reason I carry a large coin in my purse whenever I am really stuck in a rut. This or That, here or there, up or down; they seem simple but sometimes they are certainly not.


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