Friday, May 20, 2011


I went to my little brothers high school graduation Wednesday night.  We both attended the same high school so I had to avoid everyone like the plague.  It is a catholic high school so naturally there were some siblings i needed to avoid.  The "great catholic education" we received from this high school is debatable, but it makes our parents feel better, so, whatever.  Anyways, they began to announce some awards (i zoned out for awhile) THEN they casually gave an award to a boy who had PERFECT attendance all 4 years of high school!!!!!!!!!! I am still in shock, and fascinated by this.  "Obviously this kid never dated, or fought with a best friend, or felt any hatred toward anyone" i thought.  My parents were not as in to this as i was they said "well, he must not get sick." I mean... this kid never had a hangover?  or skipped class to smoke a cigarette for the first time?  he for sure never read The Perks of Being a Wallflower or stayed up all night watching The O.C.  The fact that they were awarding this kid for missing out on the greatest parts of life kind of made me sick.  He must be a robot.


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