Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catch Up

Happy Birthday to all the lovely people in history I missed this week! But I am not going to take the time to look them up because I am on vacation laying in a rather lovely bed with the sounds of sirens, homeless men and heels running past the window. Sounds perfect right? Haha, that's Chicago for ya.

Yesterday I attended Columbia's LAUNCH Fashion Show which included the amazing workings of our Miss Medusa. It was lovely, she is lovely. And there was a lot of really well made beautiful garments and then were some that were not. Fabric choice is a huge deal, HUGE DEAL. You cannot scrimp on your fabric because that is what everyone sees first. Step it up and get the good stuff because people notice. And yes I have become a fabric snob however if you are going to make a beautiful crafted dress with crazy seams and lovely beading wouldn't you rather see it in silk than polyester? Maybe its just me. But all in all the show was really cool, there were several pieces I would have liked to take home for myself. There was even a collection made for plus sized women! And there were two men's wear looks! And hot damn that model was beautiful and so was his bum. Can we say grey riding pants?!?! YES!

It was really wonderful seeing my other half along with several other lovely ladies and gentlemen that I went to school with and their accomplishments from the last year.

Oh! I forgot to add garbage trucks to the romantic sounds outside my window.


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