Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Of Those People

I have become one of those people. I talk about work. I carpool. I talk about books. I talk about how exhausting it is sitting at a computer all day. I go for a bike ride when I get home. I eat. I watch T.V. I pick out my outfit for tomorrow. Sometimes I even make a lunch. I am certainly back into a routine which is comforting BUT I feel like I am in auto pilot more often than not. My goal is to produce something everyday or be outside everyday after my daily routine has ended.

Today I did just that. I stopped by the art show at my mother's school with a friend, I watched only an hour of television which I never really watch anyways, packed, cleaned, went for an extensive bike ride, and chatted with a few friends. After a really frustrating day at work I think I successfully turned the day around, not to mention the loveliness of the 8o degree weather that graced our presence today. Now for a romantical movie to help me dream happy thoughts.


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