Monday, May 9, 2011

On the Phone

When we were little my siblings and I would always interrupt my mother while she was talking on the phone. And it was always for stupid shit like being hungry, or that we couldn't find something we wanted or just had to have. And she would just get pissed and annoyed with us. So finally she told us that we were not to do this anymore. We had to wait until she was off the phone. Or we could find or call dad and ask him. I cannot remember how old we were but I was maybe seven and my sister was almost nine. It was winter and it might have been a snow day but we were playing outside in our yard. Our garage sits into a hill so the back of the garage is close to the ground, especially with all the snow we had we could climb on it without any aid. So here we are two little girls playing just playing on the roof.. And for some reason we thought going onto the front side of the roof was a good idea where the drive way is a full story drop. So of course my sister slips and FALLS OFF THE ROOF. She landed a foot away from the drive way in a fucking snowbank. And she is instantly upset and freaking out. I don't remember much besides sliding down the back the garage as fast as I could and running to the front to my screaming sibling. We came inside and low and behold mom is on the phone. So we wait and we wait and we wait until she has finished her conversation. Man oh man was she pissed that we didn't tell her right away. I distinctly remember saying "you told us to wait until you were finished" all soft and scared. And she grinned a teary grin. And then we fled to the hospital : )


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