Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I get that a lot

People always tell me I am so cute and innocent looking. But boy oh boy my favorite people are like that because they are so surprising. When my tattoos get a shot of sunlight or I swear or I talk about something dirty new people are usually a little taken back. It's cool but don't feel like you need to hold back because I look the way I do. I am not wearing black lace unmentionables for no damn reason. I feel like most people have a side of themselves that doesn't get shown right away and maybe my cute little curls, skirts and blouses throw people off but its more exciting this way.
Let's say someone's dad was a biker who wore leather everyday, talked smack, tattoos up the wazoo and his favorite hobby was knitting. FUCKING KNITTING! How awesome is that? Badass. So badass. So I guess the moral of this story is never judge a book by a cover which is bullshit because I do it everyday and so do you. But really I do buy my actual books by the looks of the cover and a brief scan over of the back or inside cover.

BUT, seriously people are so interesting. People watching; now that's a whole different category of greatness.


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