Sunday, October 30, 2011

Waiting Rooms

While sitting in the waiting room at the dentist the other day dreading the fact that they were going to rip into my mouth and that every thirty seconds or so I would forget to breathe and panic for a second a lady started to chat me up. I believe she was in her early sixties and she was there for her six month check up and sitting pretty because she didn't mind the dentist at all which kind of put me at ease. We only talked for ten minutes but it's these conversations that always stick with me because chances are I am never going to see this person again in my entire life and they sometimes leave a big impression. Like most conversations ours turned to wondering if I was in college or if I worked or what have you. So I explained my job and how it is pretty much the polar opposite of what I went to school for. And this lady is sort of giggling while I am explaining my whole schpeel to her and when I am finished she sucks in a big sigh and tells me that everyone she knows does not do what they studied in college and she herself does not know what she wants to be when she "grows up". I keep finding this happening wherever I go. All I can think of lately is "Oh! The Places You'll Go" and how is perfect it is for everyone.


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